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Private Space Sector is Booming!

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

It wasn’t long ago that only nation-states were capable of reaching space, but now, the private space sector is booming, with a whole host of exciting companies taking humanity beyond the final frontier and laying the foundation for humanity to become a fully-fledged space-faring civilization.

SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Orbit are probably the most widely known, with ambitions to send humans well beyond our atmosphere, but they are definitely not alone, as they are joined by hundreds of other companies, each building an important part of the future space economy.

One of the most common misconceptions about working in the space industry is that you need to be an astronaut or a rocket scientist. The reality is that there are jobs for everyone regardless of your skills, experience and background. From sales, marketing and human resources to IT, operations and engineering, there’s a wide range of opportunities available for those looking to pursue a career in this industry.

Joining the space industry could also be one of the best career decisions you make. The industry is valued at about £250bn currently, and it’s expected to grow to £1tn by 2040. This growth will create tremendous opportunities for those with the foresight to get in early.

If the prospect of working in this industry excites you, check out Stellar Jobs. It’s the solar system’s biggest space jobs site, with thousands of new roles posted every month from companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, Relativity and hundreds of other exciting space companies.