Marie Kehm

Internship Coordinator

Marie Kehm

I am excited in my new role as an Internship Coordinator to work with students of all majors that are looking for internships during their time at FLC. Internships are such a great way to gain field experience, build resumes and stand out from the crowd. My goal is to help each student find an internship that meets their career interests and desired internship location, whether that is here in Durango, back from where they are from, or another city completely.

I have been with FLC Career Services for three years as a Career Engagement Specialist and have really enjoyed getting into the classrooms for presentations, meeting with students for appointments, and planning career events. It is great to see where students start with their resume and cover letter and see them progress through the years to land their first job out of college. That is the reason I am here!

Outside of work, I enjoy drinking tea (ok, that is during work too!), hiking with my husband, hearing how my oldest is doing in college and watching my youngest play softball. My new goal is to hike all the Colorado Trail segments. Currently, I have completed 7 out of the 28 segments and look forward to hiking more segments this summer.

Most unusual/interesting job: Between graduating high school and attending college (for the first time) I had a temporary job as a Human Resources Assistant for a big tech company (back in the day!). I loved scheduling interviews for potential applicants and creating travel schedules to bring them to Seattle (yep, I am a city girl loving Durango!).


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