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Career / Job Search Worksheet

Sample Internship Title


Include a brief description about what the intern will be responsible for and contribute to …

Create a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is your chance to make a strong first impression with networking contacts online. Your LinkedIn profile provides a snapshot

ResumesCVs (curriculum vitae), and Cover Letters are your main tools as you seek to gain experience through internships, jobs, …

Salary and Cost of Living

Maybe you’re thinking about a summer internship in California, or you’re graduating and moving to New York. As you contemplate …

Networking is the process of building connections and forming a professional community.

If you’ve ever kept in touch with a …

Skills and Interests (Self Assessment)
Understanding your skills, interests, values, and personality is the first step toward choosing a career path.

Learning what you enjoy, …

Competencies and Career Readiness
What is career readiness?

Career readiness is the attainment and demonstration of competencies that broadly prepare college graduates for a …