Natalia Sells

My name is Natalia Sells and I graduated in 2018 with my BA: Business Administration-Management degree. After graduating, I pursued a career in higher education with experience in undergraduate admissions and academic advising. These roles were at a large state university and a community college. I am also taking steps towards law school.

As a student, I greatly enjoyed participating in a variety of club activities and internships. I participated in the following student organizations: Wanbli Ota, Student Alumni Networking Club, Student Ambassador for the Admissions Office, and the Indy. I also served as the 2017-18 Miss Hozhoni, which is currently called the Hozhoni Ambassador. As a student, I had the great opportunity of interning in Washington, DC twice and New York City with the Summer Public Health Scholars Program. In DC, I interned with the Department of Energy (DOE) and in the late AZ- Senator John McCain’s Senate Office as a Udall Native American Congressional Intern.

It took me about a year and half to find a professional role in an area I was passionate about in my community and am glad that I made the decision to take a break in school to explore career opportunities. I’ve learned so much about myself and have been able to grow in a variety of areas in my professional development. I am looking forward to the next opportunities that are coming my way in the future.