Brian Christopherson

My name is Brian Christopherson and I am an enthusiastic, eager teacher seeking to make a positive difference through education. I have had many opportunities to grow through avenues of academia, life experiences, and certainly as a teacher over the past 12 years.  I have taught grades 3-8th grade in a formal school setting along with being a coordinator of religious education at multiple churches teaching middle and high school students.  I have taught World History, U.S. History, Geography, Math up to Pre-Algebra, General Science, and Theology.  I have a love for History which is what I earned my degree in from Fort Lewis.  The skills of critically thinking, analyzing resources, and approaching the same topic from various historic viewpoints are what I bring within the classroom as taught to me by my great Fort Lewis professors. I have a passion for teaching and building not only the intellectual part of an individual but also the character of an individual. Educating the whole human being is what separates students from having knowledge, to having students be live long learners. Currently, I am in my 7th year at St. Thomas More Catholic School in Decatur, GA, which is a city proper within Atlanta, where I teach Geography, Ancient Western Civilizations, Old Testament Theology as well as run various groups relating to the environment, morals, the role of faith in modern-day living.  Additionally, I hold a second job as the Middle School Youth Minister and Theology teacher at my home parish. I seek to bring my charismatic, high energy to students in the classroom, extracurricular arena, and school community as a whole just as was provided to me from FLC.