FLC Part Time Job Fair

The FLC Virtual On-Campus and Local Job Fair will provide an opportunity for students and employers to meet and secure placement for the 2021-2022 academic year. Students can learn about and interview with campus departments and employers in the Durango community.

We want to help you secure a job before school starts so you have an easier start to your school year!

Who: All part-time and full-time students of Fort Lewis College; work-study and non-work study students are eligible to participate Where: The job fair will be completely virtual and will be hosted on Handshake When: August 12, 2021, 12-4 pm Mountain Time Why: FLC Departments and local employers will be participating to hire students for the 2021-2022 school year. Participating will allow you to easily meet with and immediately interview with employers.  

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Resources for students:


  • Have your resume reviewed for free via the FLC Career Services “Drop Off”– Having the feedback on your resume will be helpful to review formatting, phrasing, and help you explain your experience and skills.
  • Set up a dedicated space – You should be in a quiet area with plenty of light and limited distractions in the background. Let roommates or family know you are participating in the part-time job fair so they (hopefully) don’t disturb you. Prop your camera around eye level and in a way that will limit movement of the camera.
  • Practice your elevator pitch – Prepare about a 30-second speech that will give the employer information on your background, work experience, and goals you want to highlight. Running through it a few times in the mirror will help you develop it so you can get everything across you want.
  • Dress professionally – Keep in mind that even though it is virtual, you are interviewing for a job. We would recommend at least wearing business casual attire.

  Template and Videos Your resume should be a story of your experience in organizations and prior work experience. This can be very overwhelming, so we have prepared a template to get you started, and a video series. The High School to College Resume video series have short clips to explain each section of the resume.

Click on the link below to download our approved resume template for your use:

Download an Approved Resume Template   Click on the link below for some additional help on your resume: High School to College Resume Series:   Resume Drop Off Having another set of eyes on your resume is very helpful to get a different perspective. Career Services has a “resume drop off” available where you can upload your resume and one of our career professionals will provide you with feedback in about 72 hours. The sooner you submit your resume the better to make sure your resume is good to go come the day of the Job Fair! Drop off your resume here Office hours Sometimes we have questions and it’s just easier to talk to a person about it. That is why we are hosting two days of drop-in virtual office hours. Both dates will be hosted on Zoom and Brett Polen, Career Engagement Specialist, will be available to answer questions you may have about preparing for the job fair and quick resume questions. If you’re unable to make either of the office hours we have available, you’re welcome to email your questions to Brett at bspolen@fortlewis.edu.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Handshake? How do I register? Handshake is the platform used by Career Services to schedule meetings and oversee your four-year career plan. You will use handshake through your time at Fort Lewis to register for Career Service events, look for jobs or internships, and learn about employers. As an active student, you already have an account in Handshake. You will log in through the CAS login system at fortlewis.joinhandshake I don’t have much experience, where do I start on my resume? Coming out of high school, everyone has limited experience. The trick is to identify the skills you developed and things you learned while at the job. Brainstorm everything you’ve done the last two years including sports, volunteer organizations, side jobs, internships, student organizations, and committees you may have been a part of. Do I qualify for Work-Study? Your financial aid package will tell you if you qualify for work-study. Some positions at the job fair may only be open to work-study students, but many will be open to anyone. Knowing your status prior to the Job Fair will be helpful to ensure you are interviewing for jobs that you qualify for. If you are unsure if you qualify, you may contact the Financial Aid office. For additional information about work-study, you can see that HERE: https://www.fortlewis.edu/tuition-aid/financial-aid/work-study Will I be interviewing with the employer during the job fair? Yes. When you register, you will see the employers that are participating in the job fair. You will be able to register for interviews with the employers via handshake and the interviews will be conducted through the Handshake platform. I don’t have a resume, will I need one for the job fair? It is a great idea to be prepared with a resume if you are asked for it. Use the templates and videos listed above to get started. Once you have a start, use the Career Services Resume dropbox to get some feedback.