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Faculty members and advisors play an important role in student career development. Students seek advice on issues ranging from majors and resumes to graduate school and professional direction. This relationship often continues beyond graduation as former students enter the workplace and pursue graduate study. Fort Lewis College Career Services also work to build relationships with students and have a strong investment in their development. Our hope is that working together to more clearly evidence the relationship among majors, skills, and careers will help students be even more engaged in the classroom, passionate about their studies, successful during the job search, and productive in their future workplaces.

Fort Lewis College Career Services Overview

The mission of the FLC Career Services is to provide comprehensive career services connecting Fort Lewis College students with internships, alumni, and potential employers. Our services support undergraduate and graduate students from the earliest stages of career exploration through alumni career management. In one-on-one sessions and daily drop-in hours, our advisors discuss topics related to self-assessmentchoosing a majorresumes/cover lettersnetworkinginternship and job searchesinterviewing, and much more.

INTERNSHIPS: How We Can Assist Departments, Faculty and Staff

The Fort Lewis College Internship Program assists students in obtaining high-quality internships prior to graduation and works closely with employers to develop internships within their organizations. In some cases, experiential education is known as a co-op or practicum. Regardless of what the experience is called, students gain valuable academic learning outside the classroom. The mission of the program is to develop well-prepared students who, through the benefits of experiential education, become the next generation of leaders for the global community. We feel strongly that when students gain real-world experience in their field of study, they excel academically, as well as professionally. FLC Career Services is here to assist you with any or all of the following:

  • Developing internships for your students.
  • Following up on employer leads you provide us.
  • Working with employers to create meaningful job descriptions.
  • Advising students about the internship process.
  • Maintaining internship postings on Handshake.
  • Facilitating departmental approval through Handshake.
  • Troubleshooting internship issues between students and employers.
  • Coordinating student and employer evaluations.
  • Conducting employer check-ins/site visits.
  • Offering workshops and class presentations on internships.
  • Maintaining records on current and former interns by major and semester.

Here is the benefit for you: FLC Career Services can transfer the existing data faculty and staff already have concerning internships and retroactively add it to the Handshake system so there is a single repository of internship data. This allows faculty and staff the freedom to not have to worry about storing student information in a secure location while still having access to the data when it’s needed. We look forward to building a strong internship partnership with you and your department!

Unpaid Internship Scholarship

FLC Career Services is offering scholarships for undergraduate students participating in unpaid internships. The intention of the scholarship is to encourage and support experiential learning opportunities that help students prepare for their careers. Learn more about the Unpaid Internship Scholarship. Be sure to read the latest news about the faculty and staff at Fort Lewis College here.

Services We are Offer Faculty and Staff

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