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Fort Lewis Career Services provides many opportunities for your student throughout their time at Fort Lewis and beyond. Our team is dedicated to empowering students and alumni to identify and achieve individual goals for career success. We achieve this by designing and delivering high quality career services to FLC students and alumni through collaboration with campus and local partnerships. Our services are free for both current students and alumni. Encourage your student to connect with FLC Career Services today.

How Can You Help Your Student?

As a family member, we know that you are invested in your student’s success at Fort Lewis College. There are many ways that you can help your student get connected to Career Services including those listed below.

Career Counseling with a Career Advisor

Encourage your student to schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor. They can assist students with major and career exploration, building their resume, networking, preparing for interviews, internships, and much more. Appointments are available in-person, virtually, and by email and phone. For information about scheduling an appointment, locations, hours of operation and more, contact Career Services.


Handshake is Fort Lewis’s online job posting system. It provides access to thousands of employment opportunities for students and alumni including part-time and full-time jobs plus internship positions. This includes jobs both on- and off-campus. The Handshake Guide for Students provides tips and hints for getting started with Handshake.

Student Employment

On-Campus Student Employment is available for all students; students who qualify for work study and those who do not. All available on-campus student positions can be found through Handshake.

Career Fairs & Expos

Fort Lewis Career Services offers a wide variety of networking and recruiting events for students of all majors and programs of study. See our upcoming Events for more information.

Career Education Workshops

Workshops are held throughout the year covering topics such as Choosing a Major, Resume Preparation, Interview Techniques, Career Planning, Job Search Strategies, and many other professional development topics. Encourage your student to view upcoming Events and register for workshops in Handshake.

On-Campus Interviews

Employers are invited to attend Fort Lewis College’s annual Spring Career Fair. Students are encouraged to schedule interviews and/or one-on-one sessions with the employers. Students can browse employers and interview dates/times in Handshake.

Graduating Soon

If your student will be graduating soon and hasn’t started their job search yet, encourage them to contact FLC Career Services and speak with a Career Advisor to learn the steps they should follow to land a post-graduation position. Students sometimes think they should wait until after they graduate to begin their job search, but that’s not the case. The sooner they start their search, the more opportunities they will have. Encourage your student to get started today if they are graduating soon.

FLC Career Services Mission Statement

The FLC Career Services mission statement serves to guide the direction and overall work of Fort Lewis Career Services.

  • Career Services Mission Statement: To provide comprehensive career services connecting Fort Lewis College students with internships, alumni, and potential employers.


Fort Lewis Career Services encourages persons with disabilities to participate in our events and meet with our staff. If you anticipate needing an accommodation or have questions about accessibility, please call in advance of the event or your visit.

Please check out additional information for Parents and Families here.

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